For anyone shopping for a whole house water filter, it’s important to rely on the facts and not half-truths or myths. Knowing the facts about whole house water filters and how these facts may change based on brand, model and features will help you make the best purchase for your family’s needs. Below we have debunked some common misconceptions about whole house water filters to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

I Only Need Clean Drinking Water to be Safe

It is true that an under sink water filter may be sufficient if your only concern is clean drinking water. However, a whole house water filter gives you peace of mind that water from every faucet in your house is safe for consumption and free from the harmful effects of chlorine.

Some of the benefits of a whole house water filter other than clean drinking water include:

  • Cooking: Improved taste for certain beverages and food, especially coffee, pastas, and rice.
  • Washing Dishes: For models that include a water softener, you will notice less spotting on glasses and silverware. Your hands will be protected from the drying effects of chlorinated water.
  • Showering and Bathing: Avoid inhaling potentially harmful vapors from chemicals such as chlorine.

It’s Too Expensive

When you consider that bottled water can cost as much as $2.50 per bottle for high-end brands such as Evian and Fiji, the initial cost of a whole house water filter is marginal when compared to the cost of buying regularly bottled water. At Filter Butler, our whole house water filters come with a 10-year warranty so you are guaranteed to get many years out of a small upfront investment.

My House is Too Big for it to be Effective

Regardless of your home size, there is a whole house water filter that can work for you. According to the Canadian Home Builders Association, the average new home size in Canada is 1,900 square feet. This is a significant drop from the average of 2,300 square feet in the mid-2000s. Chances are if you live in Canada, our FB-1000 model will be the right fit for your house – it works in homes up to 3,500 square feet with 3.5 bathrooms. For larger homes, we recommend a constructing a customized system to prevent any drops in water pressure.

Every Model Does the Same Thing

Once you start researching whole house water filters, you will quickly notice that different brands and models include a variety of features and benefits. Even within the Filter Butler brand, we have standard models that can be customized with optional add-on features. Take the time to compare the features of different models and fully understand what each of those features do; sometimes even two similarly-named features will not perform identical functions.When you’re researching water filter options, it’s pertinent to separate fact from fiction. Be sure to use reliable sources for information instead of relying on hearsay or assumptions. Doing proper research before purchasing a whole house water filter will ensure you’re buying a model that fits your needs.